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Graduation time and divorce often go hand-in-hand

As you've ventured out to eat in Kissimmee in recent weeks, you've likely seen quite a bit of youth in satin gowns. It's that time of year again for high schoolers to walk across the stage and get their diplomas. Sadly in recent years, the start of divorce season has coincided with the high school graduations.

Divorced women's credit woes are often caused by their exes

Anyone who's been through a divorce will likely readily admit that it takes an emotional toll on them. Ending a relationship with someone that you've been involved with is inevitably difficult. What you often don't hear, though, are stories about the financial toll that a divorce takes on them. It can take a pretty significant one on your credit.

What should I do about my digital footprint when I divorce?

At least 50 percent of all married Americans get divorced. While most spouses are familiar with having to divide up property like furniture, cars, houses and other valuable assets during a divorce, few think about what happens with their digital assets. It's important to do so though. There are certain steps that you should take the minute you decide to divorce to protect your online reputation.

Is divorce a positive or a negative for the kids?

Often, couples know that they want to get divorced, but they still do not go through with it because they're not sure how it is going to impact the children. Their reluctance isn't because they think that they can work out their issues -- they may not even want to -- but because they do not want to put their children in a tough position with their own decisions.

3 things you should know about divorce and your future

Divorce is going to change your future. There's no way around it. Some of those changes may be positive; if you're in an emotionally abusive relationship, for instance, you finally get relief from that. Some may be negative; if you have kids, you may not get to see them as much as you want. But, no matter what, there are going to be changes.

Financial matters that late-life divorcees have to worry about

Grey divorces, or those among individuals 50 or older, have increased significantly during the past few decades. Right now, this population's divorce rate hovers around 25 percent. Back in the 1990s, only 10 percent of their marriages failed. In the future, at least twice as many seniors are expected to be divorced. This trend causes alarm among financial planners and family law attorneys who work closely with this population.

Does a noncustodial parent's remarriage affect child support?

It's common for couples who divorce while their children are young to want to want to get married again after some years have passed. At the same time, one of the common questions that they ask a Florida family lawyer before they walk down the aisle is if their change in marital status impacts their responsibility to pay child support.

What types of child visitation are there in Florida?

Once and you and your ex decide to go your own separate ways, one of the first things that you'll want to discuss is how to share custody of your children. If you're unable to reach an agreement about how to do so, then a judge may be asked to step in and decide for you. If they're asked to do so, then they end up awarding one of you primary custody and the other visitation depending on testimony presented in the case.

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