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Women are often financially surprised, crippled by divorce

A study published by Worthy Living during the final week in July captures how nearly half of all women who get divorced end up being financially surprised as they look to settle their divorces. These surprises aren't the good type of ones either. Instead, they're ones that leave women financially blindsided or crippled.

There's an order you need to access an ex's retirement account

Splitting up collectibles such as artwork, china, cars, coins often involves an appraiser coming in and assigning a value to the different items. That value is then used to equitably split up such assets between exes. Splitting up investment accounts, a pension plan or IRA account proceeds can be perhaps even more difficult though, especially if former spouses want to avoid having to pay early withdrawal penalties or exorbitant taxes for doing so.

How are pets handled in a Florida divorce?

Pets are an important part of most American families. In some marriages, pets are considered children and neither "parent" wants to part with their fur babies. Many divorcing couples in Florida ask their lawyers to help them seek custody of the family pet, but this is an incorrect approach. Here is why.

Dividing debt in divorce

If you're like most divorcing couples, you have to divide not just assets that you've accumulated during the marriage, but debt as well. The most common joint debts are usually a mortgage, auto loans and credit cards.

Property division: Surviving a high-asset divorce in Florida

Not every couple getting divorced feels burdened by complex property division. However, many couples do have to address these issues. Outside of matters involving children, high-asset property division is one of the most combative areas of divorce. We have seen even the most amicable divorce devolve into an all-out war, simply because the couple could not agree on how to divide the marital property.

Managing marital property correctly can help if you ever divorce

When people get married, they almost never think about divorce. This is the way it should be because you are happy and in love with your partner. However, as everyone knows, divorce happens, even in marriages that start out blissfully.

The art you create may be at risk during property division

Most couples going through a Florida divorce understand that their marital property will need to be divided between both of them. It is an inescapable part of getting a divorce. You probably expect this process to involve your bank accounts, your home, your vehicles and other assets, but what about the artwork you create?.

Property division: You may not get half of your marital property

During a marriage, people typically accumulate property and various types of assets as a couple. As you might expect, this is known as marital property. Should divorce land on the table, dividing this property can feel like a nightmare.

Dividing unusual assets in divorce

Most assets subject to division in divorce can be fairly easily identified and valued. These include bank accounts, real estate, investment accounts and pensions, though in certain cases these can present complex issues. However, there are some assets and debts that require special attention.

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