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Student loan debt to blame for 13 percent of divorces

A recent Student Loan Hero study in which 800 recently divorced adults were interviewed about the reasons that their marriages fell apart is quite revealing. At least 13 percent of them claimed that either theirs or their spouse's student loan debt resulted in them heading to divorce court. Another 20 percent blamed the end of the marriage on some other financial issue.

Do you really need representation by a divorce attorney?

Those just beginning the divorce process often believe they can handle the entire matter without representation. Sometimes, this is true and the two spouses experience few, if any, problems. Other times, however, things fall apart and one or both spouses discover that not seeking counsel was a mistake.

Getting along with your co-parent after divorce

The fact that divorced spouses have difficulty getting along is no secret to Florida residents. After all, if you cannot get along with a partner while you are married, why should you be able to get along after a divorce? Still, many divorced co-parents have found a way to minimize conflict and get along with one another for the sake of their children. Here are a few tips approved by most family law attorneys.

Don't overlook these important prenuptial agreement items

Prenuptial agreements have become almost commonplace in many new marriages across the nation. People now view these legal agreements as valuable tools that aid in building a healthy marriage. The fact that prenups can benefit both spouses during a divorce is a bonus in the eyes of most Florida residents.

Divorce tips for Florida couples that share a business

Many issues can make a divorce complicated. Children, adultery, finances and domestic violence are just a few contentious divorce issues. The presence of a business can also make ending a marriage complicated and difficult. Some couples in Florida even delay a divorce or choose to remain married "in name only" just to avoid the complexities joint ownership of a business can pose.

Why a late-life divorce is not always the tragedy it once was

At one time, unhappy couples in their golden years endured the marriage for the sake of their adult kids and public opinion. Divorce at any age was seen as a negative in nearly all cases, even when one or both spouses were miserable with the situation. Now, divorce does not carry the stigma of bygone days, but many discontented couples still resist the idea of late-life divorce.

Are there benefits to being the first to file for divorce?

It is rarely a joyous occasion when a marriage reaches its end. Because it can be such a difficult decision, many Florida spouses procrastinate before filing for divorce. This is good if there is a chance to save the marriage, but when the relationship is broken beyond repair, procrastination may not serve your best interests.

What many children of divorce want to say to their parents

Divorce is a painful and emotional process even when both spouses know that it is the best decision for the family. In many cases, adults find a way to cope with being a single parent. For children, it can be much more difficult to cope, especially if the parents continue engaging in negative post-divorce behaviors.

Can postnuptial agreements save couples from divorce?

While no one ever enters a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, it happens all too often. Because most people do not anticipate divorce, they fail to plan for such an outcome unless they have signed a prenuptial agreement. Most couples of moderate means pass on getting a prenup.

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