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Does a noncustodial parent's remarriage affect child support?

It's common for couples who divorce while their children are young to want to want to get married again after some years have passed. At the same time, one of the common questions that they ask a Florida family lawyer before they walk down the aisle is if their change in marital status impacts their responsibility to pay child support.

What types of child visitation are there in Florida?

Once and you and your ex decide to go your own separate ways, one of the first things that you'll want to discuss is how to share custody of your children. If you're unable to reach an agreement about how to do so, then a judge may be asked to step in and decide for you. If they're asked to do so, then they end up awarding one of you primary custody and the other visitation depending on testimony presented in the case.

Divorce 30 percent more common among those who fight about money

A Fidelity Couples & Money study published just this month captures how half of all Americans enter relationships encumbered by debt. At least 40 percent of these individuals say that their financial woes end up causing them to fight. It shouldn't come as a surprise that researchers at Utah State University have determined that those couples who fight about finances divorce 30 percent more often than those who don't.

How infidelity affects divorce settlements that are reached

In most at-fault divorce states, adultery is one of many grounds on which a spouse can be granted a dissolution of their marriage. In Florida and many other jurisdictions that offer no-fault divorces though, it's fairly common for attorneys to get asked how a spouse's infidelity may impact negotiations in their case.

How is joint custody stressful on kids?

If you research the topic of child custody, then you'll find that an increasing number of family law judges award joint custody to parents. The research shows that joint custody allows both parents an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with their child. However, these studies don't often capture how stressful joint custody can be for the kids.

Less millennials are seeking divorce than previous generations

If you talk to someone who's not a millennial, then they're likely able to provide you with a laundry list of ways that individuals of that generation are changing the way things are done for the worse. They may be surprised to learn, though, that the one thing that they seem to be doing right is not getting divorced at the same rates that previous generations have.

Could a partner's depression lead to a divorce?

Many Americans suffer from clinical depression. This is more than mere malaise or a vague sense that they should be happier than they actually are. Clinical depression can manifest in many ways, and if you are the one living with a depressed spouse, you may have considered divorce as an option.

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