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Divorce can impact your toddler's behavior and development

It can be very difficult to tell any child that you and their other parent aren't going to be living together anymore as a family. While many parents assume that the younger a child is, the less of a lasting impression their divorce will have on their lives, this isn't the case. A split can have a significant psychological impact on children as young as toddlers.

What are the first matters divorcing couples need to discuss?

Most couples don't decide to divorce on the spur of the moment. There's usually a build-up to it instead. Most couples file for divorce once they've grown tired of fighting to make things work. There's generally no chance of reconciliation for them. Spouses that are committed to walking away from their marriage should start discussing certain matters right away.

Steps that you can take to minimize the emotional toll of divorce

When someone's preparing to get divorced, they often talk about the devastating financial impact that it has on their life. Few people delve into how emotionally taxing that it can be. Fortunately, there are some strategies that you can employ to minimize the impact your divorce has on your emotional wellbeing and thus your overall life.

What are some of the wildest reasons couples have divorced?

Data published by the American Psychological Association shows that the United States' divorce rate currently hovers around 50%. Many spouses lose interest in being married soon after they realize that their relationship isn't one of the fairytales shown on television. This leads some spouses to cheat. Others grow tired constantly bickering over money. A recent thread posted to the social media site Reddit captures more startling reasons American couples have divorced.

There are steps to take after your Florida divorce is finalized

Anyone who hasn't ever gotten divorced before would assume that a divorce is over and done with once a judge signs off on their final order. While that helps you get closer to reclaiming your life, there are a few things that you still need to do after a Florida judge signs off on your divorce decree.

Graduation time and divorce often go hand-in-hand

As you've ventured out to eat in Kissimmee in recent weeks, you've likely seen quite a bit of youth in satin gowns. It's that time of year again for high schoolers to walk across the stage and get their diplomas. Sadly in recent years, the start of divorce season has coincided with the high school graduations.

Divorced women's credit woes are often caused by their exes

Anyone who's been through a divorce will likely readily admit that it takes an emotional toll on them. Ending a relationship with someone that you've been involved with is inevitably difficult. What you often don't hear, though, are stories about the financial toll that a divorce takes on them. It can take a pretty significant one on your credit.

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