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Doing away with alimony tax deductions to affect the wealthy

If you've thought about walking away from your marriage, then the year to do so may be 2018. If you're someone who has a sizable investment portfolio, an executive's salary or other valuable assets, then you'll want to consider how the change in spousal support laws at the end of the year may affect you.

Finding out if you are eligible to receive alimony

Alimony is a huge topic of discussion and controversy in the state of Florida. Many residents cry out for alimony reform while others are not even aware that alimony may be a possibility. Anyone who is getting a divorce in our state should learn at least a little about alimony before the process becomes final. This way, spouses on either side of divorce are prepared to manage alimony negotiations.

What are some benefits of a lump sum alimony settlement?

One of the most common issues that arise in a Florida divorce is alimony. Like other matters involving money, alimony may result in conflict between the two spouses. While the court will have its own opinion on how to settle the matter, it can be easier on the two parties to learn about their options before heading to court.

What you should know about rehabilitative alimony

When a spouse first hears about rehabilitative alimony, it often strikes fear into his or her heart because it sounds so temporary. This is especially so if the spouse has not worked outside of the home for many years and doesn't yet have an income in place. While it is admirable to give up a career in order to support a spouse's business efforts, it can be detrimental should divorce enter the picture.

Can I get an annulment and still receive alimony in Florida?

Annulments are a somewhat rare occurrence these days. If family law courts allowed people to annul marriages without discretion, couples experiencing even a minor conflict could simply choose to invalidate the marriage. This does not serve the much-revered concept of family preservation in America.

There is no shame in accepting alimony from an ex-wife

Most men want the world to see them as strong protectors who can provide for their family's needs. In the not so distant past, a typical husband getting divorced would have found it distasteful to accept alimony and would never request it on his own. As we all know, times have changed and so have male and female incomes. More and more men are seeking alimony during divorce, and they are getting it, too.

A lawyer's perspective on waiving alimony in a prenup

Prenuptial agreements are valuable when it comes to protecting one's personal assets in a marriage. Couples can use this tool to identify and address financial matters that often complicate a divorce if your marriage ends. You can include items in a prenup such as:

Can alimony wage garnishments apply to Social Security?

You know that wages can be garnished to pay alimony. For instance, if your spouse was ordered to pay you $1,500 per month and fails to do so, that money can be taken from his or her paycheck and directed on to you. By working with employers, the government ensures that employees have to pay what they owe under current court orders. The same thing may be used for child support payments.

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