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There are things that you should do before you discuss alimony

Many factors may hold a spouse back from filing for divorce. Finances are one of the biggest ones. Alimony is often bitterly fought over. The idea of having to finance your lifestyle all on your own can be hard to digest. Breadwinners may fear losing a significant chunk of their salary to their former spouse. There are some tips to keep in mind when you sit down to talk about spousal support with your ex.

A stay-at-home parent's work is truly valuable

A judge in the South American country of Argentina recently ruled that one ex-wife should receive $179,000 as a lump-sum alimony award from her former husband. The woman who is set to receive this amount spent all 27 years that she was married to her ex caring for their shared house and kids. This judge's award has made many here in the United States question how we should value the work of a homemaking spouse.

The income that a judge considers when awarding alimony

A husband or wife who puts their career on the back burner to take care of the home or children during their marriage will often request alimony from the other. In Florida, there are various types of spousal support ranging from temporary to something more permanent. There are several factors that a judge takes into account when making alimony awards. Income is one of these.

A Florida political group pushes for an end to lifetime alimony

Late last month, the Florida Family Law Reform Political Action Committee (PAC) announced their decision to support both House Bill 1325 and Senate Bill 1596. The group, which supports family law reform, is eagerly awaiting to see what changes are made to the way Florida judges award alimony.

Factors that help Florida judges make decisions about alimony

If you have long stayed home taking care of the kids while your spouse has been the primary breadwinner, then you may have not remained as up-to-date in your career field as you would have liked. You also likely haven't gained valuable work experience needed to help you make the type of salary that you need to support your family on your own. In situations like this, a judge may order your ex to pay you alimony.

What documents do I need when asking for alimony?

In many households across America, one spouse will assume the role of breadwinner for the family while the other stays home caring for the kids. That can create financial concerns for the homemaker spouse if there's a divorce. If you're in this situation, you may realize that you can request alimony -- but you may not be certain about what figures into a judge's decision about whether or not you'll receive it.

Can you use your alimony income on a credit card application?

You and your spouse have always used a joint credit card, and you did not have one at all before you got married. Now you have decided to get divorced, and so you're canceling that joint account. Perhaps you already canceled it as soon as you filed to prevent any confusion.

How Florida judges decide between temporary and permanent alimony

In Florida, there are two types of alimony, durational and permanent, each of which is intended to help a spouse cover their bills as they adjust to their new set of financial circumstances. While many judges generally lean toward awarding spouses durational alimony, there are situations in which they still award permanent spousal support awards.

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