What you need to know about settling your divorce out of court

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Have you and your spouse decided to move forward with divorce? If this is a decision that you arrived at together, it may be possible for both of you to work through the terms of your final divorce order together. While this is not an easy process to walk through, it is not always necessary to go to court.

Many Florida couples are able to settle their divorces together, eliminating the need to ever step inside the courtroom. If this is a possibility for your situation, you may find it beneficial to learn about how this works and what you will need to negotiate your settlement. Through this approach to your divorce, you will be able to intentionally pursue terms that will allow you to have a strong and stable future.

Resolving divorce disputes

It is possible to resolve your divorce disputes, even if you and your spouse are not in complete agreement on certain things. Through discussions and negotiations, it may be possible to work together and come to a reasonable resolution on many divorce-related issues. If this is not effective, you can opt for alternative resolution methods to settle your remaining disputes. These are all ways that you can work through any disagreements and still avoid the courtroom.

It is beneficial to work to protect your interests, even in a negotiated agreement. This may mean that you have to set aside your feelings or long-held desires for what will really work best for you and your children in the future. Your divorce order should be as thorough as possible, including provisions for matters related to the following:

  • Child custody and visitation schedules
  • Legal custody, which is the right to make decisions for the children
  • Property division and financial support

This is a smart approach to divorce in that it allows you to have more control over the terms of your final order. By settling out of court, you can custom-tailor the terms of your agreement to suit the unique needs of your family.

Approval of your divorce order

Every divorce agreement is subject to the approval of a family law judge. When you work with an experienced attorney during the process of resolving remaining disputes and drafting your divorce order, you will avoid setbacks with this final step. Your legal ally can also help you pursue terms that are reasonable and fair, allowing you stability and security for years to come.

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