What are the first matters divorcing couples need to discuss?

| Aug 22, 2019 | Divorce

Most couples don’t decide to divorce on the spur of the moment. There’s usually a build-up to it instead. Most couples file for divorce once they’ve grown tired of fighting to make things work. There’s generally no chance of reconciliation for them. Spouses that are committed to walking away from their marriage should start discussing certain matters right away.

Your kids should take priority. You should sit down with your ex and discuss how you plan to shuttle your children back and forth and cover their expenses.

You’ll ultimately need to draft a parenting plan before your divorce can be finalized. That document will need to spell out how you plan to trade your children back and forth and on birthdays, school breaks or holidays. It will also need to capture how you plan to handle any medical costs that aren’t reimbursed by insurance as well as your kids’ extra-curricular interests, childcare and schooling.

Another matter that you and your ex will have to discuss is assets and liabilities. You’ll both need to make an inventory of each of these. Equitable distribution of assets reigns supreme in Florida. Unless the two of you can reach an agreement about how to split up what you have, a judge will determine it for you.

Two other important matters that you’ll have to reach an agreement about are alimony and child support.

A Florida judge will generally take a parent’s income, the custody or visitation schedule and their childcare costs and plug it into a formula to determine how much they may owe in child support. There’s no formula for alimony here though. A judge may take into account how long the marriage lasted, spousal incomes and health in determining how much alimony a husband or wife should pay.

Divorce is often characterized as this highly-contentious battleground where husbands and wives fight it out to try to get a one-up on their spouse. Things don’t have to be so combative though. A divorce attorney in Kissimmee can help you negotiate with your ex when you don’t feel like you’re at a place to do it yet yourself. This can result in you brokering a deal much more quickly than you might otherwise.

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