Divorce can impact your toddler’s behavior and development

| Aug 27, 2019 | Divorce

It can be very difficult to tell any child that you and their other parent aren’t going to be living together anymore as a family. While many parents assume that the younger a child is, the less of a lasting impression their divorce will have on their lives, this isn’t the case. A split can have a significant psychological impact on children as young as toddlers.

All children’s behaviors are shaped at least in part by environmental factors such as their living environment. Their parents’ emotions are included in this. If a child constantly sees their parents fighting in their home, then they may start crying more, showing signs of abandonment or acting out. Their development may regress. They may start having difficulty sleeping, wetting their pants or sucking their thumb.

The emotional, behavioral and developmental problems that your child experiences can trickle down and affect their physical health as well. The longer that they remain in a stressful situation as a toddler, the more likely they are to develop immunity issues early in life. The stress may also cause them to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression as they get older.

One of the reasons that divorce can have such a large impact on your child as a toddler is because that’s when they’re just starting to develop feelings of trust for their parents. If a child doesn’t feel that they can rely on their parents for stability, then it’s likely to lead them to distrust others as they age.

Even if your divorce seems inevitable, you can still minimize the impact that it has on your child’s life. You can do this by finding ways to keep your emotions in check as much as possible. You can accomplish this by reassuring them of how much you love them as well.

The quicker you resolve your divorce, the more likely that it is that you can work toward getting in a better emotional state than you currently are in. This can have a positive impact on your child. Mediation may be one approach that you can pursue if you’re looking to resolve your case more quickly than you can in a courtroom. A family law attorney advise you of the benefits of mediation.

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