Alimony will be hotly debated in Florida in 2020

| Aug 9, 2019 | Alimony

Alimony is shaping up to be a hot button topic once Florida lawmakers go back into session for the 2020 legislative session.

The newly-formed Florida Family Fairness group, a group made up of former Florida Family Law Reform Political Action Committee (PAC) members, plan to make a strong debut by stepping up their fight for alimony reform. The group’s attorney leader notes that the group has rebranded itself in hopes of striking a newfound interest in their cause among legislators.

They’ve eliminated some of the previous group members that had previously left a bad taste in legislators’ mouths in hopes of generating renewed interest in their cause. Those former members include ones that allowed attacks to become personal, those who engaged in name-calling and other inappropriate behaviors.

The leader of the group says that their new approach will focus on educating the general public, the governor and legislators about how the state’s current alimony laws destroy families. He notes that divorce isn’t something that has to do this.

Proponents of keeping alimony laws as they have long been in the state are lined up ready to keep things status quo this coming year. One lobbying group, the Southern Strategy Group, has single-handedly helped derail the passing of reform legislation for the better part of the past six years. The newly-formed Family Fairness Group will have to contend with them if they hope to gain any ground this legislative session.

Alimony is often a polarizing topic, whether among lobbyists and lawmakers or simply among husbands and wives. Debates over such matters can derail other important conversations, making the settlement of a divorce take longer than it should.

An alimony attorney can help you outline all relevant economic factors that you’ll want a judge to consider when determining a proper spousal support award in your Kissimmee divorce case.

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