What are some of the wildest reasons couples have divorced?

| Jul 19, 2019 | Divorce

Data published by the American Psychological Association shows that the United States’ divorce rate currently hovers around 50%. Many spouses lose interest in being married soon after they realize that their relationship isn’t one of the fairytales shown on television. This leads some spouses to cheat. Others grow tired constantly bickering over money. A recent thread posted to the social media site Reddit captures more startling reasons American couples have divorced.

Divorce attorneys and law firm staff members who commented on the thread pointed out that some clients of theirs didn’t even make it to the second day of their marriage.

In at least one instance, one of the attorneys highlighted how the bride or groom found out about their spouse’s undesirable behavior leading up to the wedding after they walked down the aisle. This may have resulted in a fight breaking out with their in-laws at their wedding or reception. By the next morning, they’d called it quits.

Another commenter pointed out that a client of theirs had been too drunk at the time that the ceremony occurred to be able to make the life-altering decision to get married.

Someone else relayed how one couple remained married for a little while longer — just up until the wife’s birthday. The husband apparently got a different gift for the wife from what she’d requested so she responded by filing for divorce.

In another instance, a spouse filed for divorce because the family dog had an accident in the home. Another did so because they couldn’t stomach the sound or their spouse’s chewing anymore. A husband also filed for divorce because he was convinced that their spouse was trying to cast a spell on him.

Inappropriate or unlawful sexual relationships also often resulted in demises of many marriages — some quickly and some only after failed attempts to reconcile or compromise.

Whatever the reason that a couple ends their marriage, the reality is that nobody should be trapped in an incompatible relationship. A dissolution can often end a marriage fairly quickly and amicably. When that fails, a litigated (or “contested”) divorce is also possible.

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