There are things that you should do before you discuss alimony

| Jul 5, 2019 | Alimony

Many factors may hold a spouse back from filing for divorce. Finances are one of the biggest ones. Alimony is often bitterly fought over. The idea of having to finance your lifestyle all on your own can be hard to digest. Breadwinners may fear losing a significant chunk of their salary to their former spouse. There are some tips to keep in mind when you sit down to talk about spousal support with your ex.

Bring in the consultants

If you’re your family’s main breadwinner, then you shouldn’t go to the negotiation table with your ex alone. You should first consult with outside consultants about your case.

An accountant can be called in to assess your financial responsibilities. A vocational rehabilitation counselor may be able to provide an assessment of both your and your ex’s job prospects. These individuals’ testimony can impact how much alimony, if any, that you’re ordered to pay.

Avoid costly short term or lump sum offers

You should avoid taking any spousal support deal that results in you making high-cost payments for a short period. You may want to steer clear of any lump sum settlements as well.

Legal analysts point out that it’s understandable that a spouse would want to rid themselves of any reminders of their marriage sooner than later. They note that this leads many individuals to offer higher spousal support payments for a shorter term instead of paying a smaller amount over a longer period. They note that there’s a problem with doing this though.

Spouses who agree to pay a lower amount over an extended period generally end up saving more money in the end. They do so because they’re often able to request for a judge to terminate the support at some point. This often occurs because their former spouse passes away, remarries or becomes self-sustaining enough that the alimony is no longer warranted for their situation.

There are some other pieces of advice that you may want to keep in mind if you’re slated to sit down at the negotiation table and discuss alimony. You should never quickly pay off bills or hide assets if you’re getting ready to divorce. You shouldn’t just walk away from your high-paying job right before you do so either.

An alimony attorney can explain these and many other relevant economic factors a Florida judge will consider when determining a proper spousal support award.

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