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| Jun 8, 2019 | Divorce

You and your spouse are tired of fighting and have made the decision to split for good. You want to keep the process as civil as possible and salvage what remains of your co-parenting relationship.

For many, that means making the decision to seek joint custody of the kids. The position of the Florida family law courts is that children fare better when they are allowed equal access to both parents. Of course, the situation can shift dramatically to one parent’s side if there are allegations of abuse, neglect or impairment from drugs or alcohol.

But barring any obvious deficiencies that would render a parent unfit, the courts generally prefer to approve parenting plans that reflect joint custody. Not only does this significantly reduce the mudslinging that can accompany hotly contested custody battles, but it allows the parents to preserve at least a semblance of a civil relationship between the two co-parents.

Joint custody also can teach the kids how to approach problems with collaborative efforts as opposed to lashing out at one another. The children grow up watching both mom and dad presenting a united parental front and are less susceptible to the divide-and-conquer techniques perfected by some children of divorced spouses.

In some instances where the parents’ incomes and resources are similar, joint custody can alleviate the need for child support if both parents meet their children’s needs financially whenever the kids are in their care and custody.

Will joint custody work for your family? We can help you determine whether this solution is a viable option as you work through the issues in your Florida divorce.

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