What should I do about my digital footprint when I divorce?

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At least 50 percent of all married Americans get divorced. While most spouses are familiar with having to divide up property like furniture, cars, houses and other valuable assets during a divorce, few think about what happens with their digital assets. It’s important to do so though. There are certain steps that you should take the minute you decide to divorce to protect your online reputation.

After filing for divorce, you should make a list of online accounts that you and your ex share or that they know the passwords to. You’ll then want to change each one of them.

Since your ex likely knows you quite well, you shouldn’t use any words that they can easily guess. You may benefit from using an online service that can generate random passwords for you instead.

While you’re changing account passwords, you shouldn’t forget about that tablet that generally remains in your living room that both of you use.

It may have retained a listing of all the searches that you’ve done and all passwords that you regularly use. If you and your ex plan to divide up shared devices, then you should sit down and factory reset them to erase all the information saved to them.

While you’re resetting your passwords, you should also shut down any social media accounts that you previously shared with your ex. If you have separate ones, then you may want to remove any comments, images or other information about your relationship. It’s important to go to your security panel to change your privacy settings as well.

If you have kids and are getting divorced, then you may want to download a co-parenting app to use to communicate with your ex about visitation. One benefit to using this is that it creates a digital paper trail. If one of you fails to uphold a judge’s orders, then you’ll have proof of your communication about the issue.

When a Kissimmee couple decides to file for divorce, child custody and support, alimony and property division issues often have to be worked out. Negotiating a Florida divorce settlement can be both financially and emotionally draining.

Changing your online passwords and reassessing your digital footprint can help you start this new chapter in your life on a good footing. A divorce attorney can advise you of other important things to take care early on after you split as well.

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