Be intentional about your digital divorce

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Have you made the choice to move forward with divorce? If so, you probably know that you are facing a legally and financially complex process. Even in the most amicable of divorces, the two parties will have to make difficult choices regarding things like a parenting plan, visitation schedule, property division and financial support. However, there is still more for you to think about.

In today’s technology-driven society, divorce involves much more than just physical assets and child custody. There are often complex online lives that a couple will also have to separate from each other. This is an important step in securing a strong post-divorce future, and you would be wise not to overlook it.

Keep your interests safe

One of your main priorities during a divorce is to keep your future interests intact. This includes securing your fair share of marital property as well as protecting your private information. Once you determine that divorce is the right step, it may be helpful to do the following:

  • It can help to start with the simplest tasks, including accessing all of your online accounts that you intend to keep after divorce and changing the passwords. This can include everything from your Hulu login to your individual banking profile.
  • Another smart step is to go to all of your shared devices and reset them to their original settings, which can help you keep passwords, information and even private pictures safe. Before you do this, make sure you have important information backed up.
  • You will want to go to your social media accounts and delete any shared profiles you and your spouse had. If you already have a separate account, you may want to go through and delete old posts or pictures that you may not want people to access. 

During divorce, it is important to consider every way you can protect your interests, including shielding your online life and your private information.

Think long-term

During this difficult time, it is easy to feel consumed by temporary emotions, but your feelings do not always indicate what is actually best for your future. When making important decisions, it is smart to think long-term and about what is most prudent for your future interests. This is one reason why many people find it beneficial to work with an experienced and dedicated Florida family law attorney.

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