A Florida political group pushes for an end to lifetime alimony

| Apr 5, 2019 | Alimony

Late last month, the Florida Family Law Reform Political Action Committee (PAC) announced their decision to support both House Bill 1325 and Senate Bill 1596. The group, which supports family law reform, is eagerly awaiting to see what changes are made to the way Florida judges award alimony.

Right now, one of the PAC’s biggest goals is seeing that lifetime alimony is done away with. As things currently stand, spouses may be ordered to continue alimony to their ex even if their income or health declines, or they get remarried or start living with someone else.

They are instead advocating for transitional alimony

They note that permanent alimony places too much of a burden on the payer’s finances. They argue that the person who receives the spousal support doesn’t have to assume any responsibility nor accountability in return.

The PAC argues that one of the fairer alternatives to the current alimony options that exist in Florida is to have a formula-based model. They contend that a system such as this would allow the former spouses to remain on a more equal financial footing. They argue that this type of approach would motivate recipient spouses to re-enter the job market and to become self-sustaining once again.

There are many different factors that a judge will take into account before deciding to make a spousal support award. If they decide alimony should be awarded, then there are several kinds that they can choose from. Kissimmee spouses should consult with an alimony attorney to learn more about the types of support that exist and whether they may qualify to receive any themselves.

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