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February 2019 Archives

When your ex's infidelity impacts your Florida divorce

Just a few weeks ago, news of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' adultery made national news. Soon thereafter, it came out that his wife was seeking a divorce. Although they reside out west, their split caused many individuals here in Florida to ask what impact does adultery have on requesting and settling a divorce. The truth is that it has very little impact on either.

Dividing your debt during a divorce

Chances are that you entangled your finances with your spouse's soon after you married or maybe even before your wedding day. You may have bought a house together, opened joint credit card accounts, took out an auto loan or consolidated your educational debt. At the time, you may have thought that taking these steps helped to solidify your relationship. Now that you are preparing to divorce, you wonder how you will divide responsibility for your debts.

Does a noncustodial parent's remarriage affect child support?

It's common for couples who divorce while their children are young to want to want to get married again after some years have passed. At the same time, one of the common questions that they ask a Florida family lawyer before they walk down the aisle is if their change in marital status impacts their responsibility to pay child support.

Why seniors attempt to hide their impending divorces

Of all the months out of the year, January is often the one in which Americans decide to file for divorce in more significant numbers than the rest. They're often motivated to keep up appearances and make it look like their marriage is happy and healthy as a way of not ruining others' holidays in November and December. As divorce rates have doubled among seniors ages 50 and over in recent years, this is something that they do as well.

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