How can you know if your co-parenting plan will work?

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As a parent, one of your main concerns regarding your divorce likely pertains to your children. How will your divorce impact their lives? How will you provide them with continuity of lifestyle? Many Florida parents find that the solution that best answers these questions and others is to opt for a co-parenting plan. This choice will allow your children to have regular access to both parents.

Co-parenting offers many benefits to the children, but it is not always easy for the parents. Even well after a divorce is final, hard feelings can linger or complications can arise when one parent moves on in his or her personal life. Whether you are in the midst of divorce or are already in the trenches of post-divorce parenting, it can be helpful to step back, evaluate your goals and identify what is best for the children.

Healthy relationships are best for everyone

The co-parenting relationship can be complex. While it may not be easy to work side-by-side with your ex to parent and raise your kids, it is worthwhile because it is best for the children. As you work on a custody plan, consider how your choices will affect your children first and foremost, but also think about ways you can set you and the other parent up for success as well.

If you opt to co-parent, you understand there will be challenges ahead. However, it is possible for two parents to set aside personal feelings and commit to being the best parents possible. Some of the ways you can make your parenting arrangement work well includes the following:

  • Agree on healthy boundaries for the children
  • Do not let personal feelings about the other parent affect your relationship with your kids
  • Commit to providing a safe environment for your children
  • Decide on a manner and method of communicating with the other parent
  • Work with the other parent to solve problems and make decisions for the kids
  • Be respectful if the other parent moves on to a new relationship
  • Allow for step-parent involvement and allow the kids to develop a good relationship with him or her

It can be helpful for both parents to carefully evaluate goals and objectives for how they want their custody arrangement to work after divorce. With a commitment to the best interests of the kids and mutual respect, it is possible to reduce conflict and build a strong future for everyone in the family.

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