Divorce 30 percent more common among those who fight about money

| Dec 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

A Fidelity Couples & Money study published just this month captures how half of all Americans enter relationships encumbered by debt. At least 40 percent of these individuals say that their financial woes end up causing them to fight. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that researchers at Utah State University have determined that those couples who fight about finances divorce 30 percent more often than those who don’t.

Researchers say that many couples struggling to manage their money tend to believe that their financial woes can best be dealt with by splitting up. They note that they think this has a lot to do spouses disagreeing as to who is responsible for incurring the debt.

When researchers at Utah State University asked couples who had reported being money strapped who was responsible for their debt, nearly half of the spouses disagreed on the answer.

They also found that couples who found themselves constantly strategizing about how to pay down their debts were the ones most apt to fight. As one legal analyst put it, it’s difficult for many spouses to identify that they’re living beyond their means. Even if they do, many have difficulty accepting that they have to reduce their spending.

Data released by the Federal Reserve shows that 37 percent of the debt that many Americans carry is on credit cards. Another 25 percent is dedicated to student loans. With so much of their disposable income having to go to paying these bills, it makes it hard for many to pay essential ones such as utilities.

Some spouses in Kissimmee may go into additional debt to fix smaller issues that can, in turn, create bigger issues on down the line that put their marriages in peril.

Florida spouses should try to first sit down with one another to discuss strategies for eliminating unnecessary expenses and payoff strategies for their debts. If they’re unable to do this, then it may help to have a third-party step in and facilitate these conversations. If these strategies haven’t worked and you’re prepared to end your marriage, then a divorce attorney can help you negotiate financial and other matters in your case.

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