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Divorce 30 percent more common among those who fight about money

A Fidelity Couples & Money study published just this month captures how half of all Americans enter relationships encumbered by debt. At least 40 percent of these individuals say that their financial woes end up causing them to fight. It shouldn't come as a surprise that researchers at Utah State University have determined that those couples who fight about finances divorce 30 percent more often than those who don't.

Thinking about divorce is easier after some simple steps

Divorce is always an emotionally complicated situation, and it is usually complicated in terms of finances and property. Florida law allows several types of divorce, but all can be taxing on resources. That can be especially problematic for people later in life who may be looking toward a fixed income in retirement.

How infidelity affects divorce settlements that are reached

In most at-fault divorce states, adultery is one of many grounds on which a spouse can be granted a dissolution of their marriage. In Florida and many other jurisdictions that offer no-fault divorces though, it's fairly common for attorneys to get asked how a spouse's infidelity may impact negotiations in their case.

Can you afford to divorce in your senior years?

Whether you never expected to get divorced or you knew it would happen someday, ending your marriage late in life can be traumatic and risky. After all, you may have few resources or opportunities for earning income, and you have to consider your health and living expenses. While others may be preparing for retirement, you are not sure you are ready to start over on your own.

Can you use your alimony income on a credit card application?

You and your spouse have always used a joint credit card, and you did not have one at all before you got married. Now you have decided to get divorced, and so you're canceling that joint account. Perhaps you already canceled it as soon as you filed to prevent any confusion.

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