Unusual yet important reasons to prepare for divorce

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Engaged Florida couples rarely walk down the aisle expecting the marriage to end in divorce at some point in the future. While you may not think there is a way your marriage could ever lead to divorce, it could be beneficial to think about your future and determine how to prepare for it. One way to do this is by drafting prenuptial agreements.

A prenuptial agreement is not planning for a marriage to end. It is simply putting legal protections in place that will ensure you do not experience complications and financial loss in case of a contingency. Through a prenuptial agreement, you can outline your plans for property division, specifically addressing assets and issues that are unique to your individual situation

What’s in your prenuptial agreement?

You can craft your prenuptial agreement to suit your individual needs and legal objectives. In fact, many couples use these documents to address specific assets outside of what many consider traditional marital property. These are not legal documents for the rich and famous — they can provide very real protections for people of average income levels and normal assets.

More and more people are using prenuptial agreements to protect their interests regarding very specific things. Some of the issues you may want to consider as you draft yours include the following:

  • As many college students graduate with student loans, they are including these in their prenuptial agreements. In some cases, a prenuptial agreement can require that one spouse compensate the other for his or her financial help with student loan payments.
  • It is also possible to include plans for how a couple wants to handle pets they own together in case of a divorce. This may save you from expensive legal battles over your furry family members.
  • Couples who choose to freeze embryos, eggs or sperm may find it beneficial to include terminology in their prenup over what will happen to these things in case the marriage ends

In addition to what’s listed above, couples can still use a prenuptial agreement to address things such as family business interests and protecting specific assets. It can also outline how spousal support will work in case of a divorce, as well as the financial obligations of each party during the marriage. 

Before you walk down the aisle, it may be necessary to consider how to protect your interests in the future. If you think a prenuptial agreement could be beneficial for you, you will find it informative and prudent to seek the counsel of an experienced family law attorney.

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