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August 2018 Archives

What does a judge consider when dividing up property in Florida?

Although many states rely upon equitable distribution rules for dividing up property in a divorce, each one also has certain limits that affect the decisions that judges ultimately can make. Even in Florida where such laws are uniform throughout the state, it still may be possible for there to be some degree of variance in how property is split up as the decision is ultimately left up to a judge.

Gray divorce and its implications on retirement

The end of your marriage will have a long-reaching impact on various aspects of your life, particularly your financial future. You may have significant concerns about how divorce will affect some of your plans for the future, and these fears can be especially prevalent if you are older. Older couples in Florida and across the country are choosing to divorce later in life.

Student loan debt to blame for 13 percent of divorces

A recent Student Loan Hero study in which 800 recently divorced adults were interviewed about the reasons that their marriages fell apart is quite revealing. At least 13 percent of them claimed that either theirs or their spouse's student loan debt resulted in them heading to divorce court. Another 20 percent blamed the end of the marriage on some other financial issue.

Women are often financially surprised, crippled by divorce

A study published by Worthy Living during the final week in July captures how nearly half of all women who get divorced end up being financially surprised as they look to settle their divorces. These surprises aren't the good type of ones either. Instead, they're ones that leave women financially blindsided or crippled.

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