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July 2018 Archives

Doing away with alimony tax deductions to affect the wealthy

If you've thought about walking away from your marriage, then the year to do so may be 2018. If you're someone who has a sizable investment portfolio, an executive's salary or other valuable assets, then you'll want to consider how the change in spousal support laws at the end of the year may affect you.

Who can get permanent alimony?

Florida is one of the few states that allows the awarding of permanent spousal support as part of a divorce settlement. The court does not give it to just anyone, though. Who can get permanent alimony? How is the amount determined?

There's an order you need to access an ex's retirement account

Splitting up collectibles such as artwork, china, cars, coins often involves an appraiser coming in and assigning a value to the different items. That value is then used to equitably split up such assets between exes. Splitting up investment accounts, a pension plan or IRA account proceeds can be perhaps even more difficult though, especially if former spouses want to avoid having to pay early withdrawal penalties or exorbitant taxes for doing so.

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