Getting along with your co-parent after divorce

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The fact that divorced spouses have difficulty getting along is no secret to Florida residents. After all, if you cannot get along with a partner while you are married, why should you be able to get along after a divorce? Still, many divorced co-parents have found a way to minimize conflict and get along with one another for the sake of their children. Here are a few tips approved by most family law attorneys.

Prioritize the children: Communicating with your ex peacefully can help you both create a healthy environment for your kids. When you both put the children first, you will likely find it easier to get along with one another.

Always be respectful: Avoid demeaning your ex or speaking negatively about him or her in front of your kids. Maintaining mutual respect helps you both get along better and helps your children cope with the divorce better.

Set boundaries: It is easy to fall into the same behaviors with an ex that existed in the marriage. When you both take steps to maintain some distance, you can avoid this potential trap and foster a more healthy relationship.

Be friendly: If you and your ex can develop a friendly relationship, it will help your children understand how to cultivate healthy and mature relationships themselves when they become adults.

There are many personal reasons to maintain a good relationship with your ex, but there are legal reasons as well. For example, if you ever have to request modifications to your child custody or support orders, it helps to have a friendly post-divorce relationship.

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