Finding out if you are eligible to receive alimony

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Alimony is a huge topic of discussion and controversy in the state of Florida. Many residents cry out for alimony reform while others are not even aware that alimony may be a possibility. Anyone who is getting a divorce in our state should learn at least a little about alimony before the process becomes final. This way, spouses on either side of divorce are prepared to manage alimony negotiations.

One of the main questions we hear in our practice is “how much alimony or spousal support can I receive?” We want to tell you all that there is a much more important question to ask first. “Am I entitled to receive alimony?” Because not everyone is eligible for alimony, the first step is finding out if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Every marriage and every divorce is unique. Many factors exist that spell out whether a spouse is entitled to an alimony award. In most cases, it is beneficial to discuss your marriage and your finances in-depth with your divorce lawyer. With this approach, it will be easier to find out if you are eligible for a spousal support award.

Some of the factors family law courts use to make alimony decisions include the following.

  • Length of the marriage
  • The income of both spouses
  • Your level of education
  • Ability to support yourself without alimony
  • Illnesses or injuries you may have
  • Whether you have children

As we like to say, being prepared is a great way to survive divorce with your emotional and financial well-being as intact as possible. We offer resources on our website to help you prepare for divorcing in Florida. Please visit if you need to learn more.

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