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June 2018 Archives

Do you really need representation by a divorce attorney?

Those just beginning the divorce process often believe they can handle the entire matter without representation. Sometimes, this is true and the two spouses experience few, if any, problems. Other times, however, things fall apart and one or both spouses discover that not seeking counsel was a mistake.

How are pets handled in a Florida divorce?

Pets are an important part of most American families. In some marriages, pets are considered children and neither "parent" wants to part with their fur babies. Many divorcing couples in Florida ask their lawyers to help them seek custody of the family pet, but this is an incorrect approach. Here is why.

Finding out if you are eligible to receive alimony

Alimony is a huge topic of discussion and controversy in the state of Florida. Many residents cry out for alimony reform while others are not even aware that alimony may be a possibility. Anyone who is getting a divorce in our state should learn at least a little about alimony before the process becomes final. This way, spouses on either side of divorce are prepared to manage alimony negotiations.

Gray divorce: Is it part of your retirement plans?

People live longer nowadays. As a resident of Florida over age 50, you may take advantage of the plentiful sunshine and fresh air the area has to offer to make the most of your golden years on this southern peninsula. Your kids are likely out on their own or at least close to being so, and you have more time to indulge in your hobbies, exercise and basically spend your free time as you prefer, unlike all the years you placed your spouse and children's needs ahead of your own.

Getting along with your co-parent after divorce

The fact that divorced spouses have difficulty getting along is no secret to Florida residents. After all, if you cannot get along with a partner while you are married, why should you be able to get along after a divorce? Still, many divorced co-parents have found a way to minimize conflict and get along with one another for the sake of their children. Here are a few tips approved by most family law attorneys.

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