Who is eligible for permanent alimony?

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Florida readers know divorce brings many significant financial changes, and you may have serious concerns regarding how the end of your marriage will impact your life. Depending on the details of your current financial situation and other factors, you could be eligible for certain types of financial support. This could help you navigate a potentially difficult time of transition.

There are various types of alimony, also called spousal support, which could be available to you. It is beneficial to make the effort to learn about the factors that could impact eligibility and how courts determine who gets permanent alimony. If you think you have a rightful claim to permanent financial support after your divorce, you would be wise to learn how you can shield your interests and pursue the outcome you deserve.

Do you need this type of support?

The end of your marriage can mean bad news for you financially. If you earned significantly less than your spouse or you gave up your career so that he or she could work full-time, you could be eligible for a certain amount of financial support. When deciding whether or not to award spousal support, the court may consider the following factors:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The physical ability of both spouses to earn an income
  • The standard of living to which you are accustomed
  • Your ability to re-enter the workforce or earn a higher income
  • Your spouse’s ability to financially support you

In most cases, alimony is only for a certain period of time. This short-term financial support is called rehabilitative alimony, and it is to allow you support while you take classes, search for a job and become financially independent. However, there are certain circumstances in which a person could get spousal support permanently.

If your marriage lasted decades and you did not work in order to stay home with the kids or you are physically unable to earn a higher income for any reason, you could be eligible for permanent support.

Fighting for a strong post-divorce future

You have the right to fight for the post-divorce future you deserve. Whether you are seeking permanent alimony through settlement negotiations or through a contentious court battle, you do not have to walk through it alone.

Seeking the support you need and deserve is an important step for your future. You will find it helpful to start with a complete evaluation of your case in order to learn how you can fight for a positive and sustainable final divorce order.

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