Don’t overlook these important prenuptial agreement items

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Prenuptial agreements have become almost commonplace in many new marriages across the nation. People now view these legal agreements as valuable tools that aid in building a healthy marriage. The fact that prenups can benefit both spouses during a divorce is a bonus in the eyes of most Florida residents.

To provide the maximum amount of benefits, a prenup should be tailored to each couple’s lifestyle and needs. Drafting a proper prenup requires a considerable amount of consideration, and it can be easy to overlook important clauses.

A family law attorney is an excellent resource for creating a sound prenup, but you can get started on the process by giving it some thought ahead of time. The following section contains a list of often-overlooked items to discuss with a lawyer.

Gifts: From engagement rings before the wedding to anniversary gifts throughout the relationship, spouses exchange many items during a marriage. Make sure your prenup explains that any gifts received during your relationship belong to the recipient alone.

Businesses: A solid prenup specifies that businesses owned before the marriage are separate property and not marital property. It is also wise to include language making it clear that the increased value of a business after the wedding is also separate property.

Pets: Animals are important elements of a family unit and can cause a lot of conflict if divorce occurs. Animal-loving couples can address current and future pet ownership and responsibility in a prenup.

Debts: When divorce enters the picture, many people are shocked to learn that they can be held responsible for an ex spouse’s debt. Ask your attorney to make sure your prenup addresses each party’s debt responsibilities at the time of the marriage.

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