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Don't overlook these important prenuptial agreement items

Prenuptial agreements have become almost commonplace in many new marriages across the nation. People now view these legal agreements as valuable tools that aid in building a healthy marriage. The fact that prenups can benefit both spouses during a divorce is a bonus in the eyes of most Florida residents.

What are some benefits of a lump sum alimony settlement?

One of the most common issues that arise in a Florida divorce is alimony. Like other matters involving money, alimony may result in conflict between the two spouses. While the court will have its own opinion on how to settle the matter, it can be easier on the two parties to learn about their options before heading to court.

Dividing debt in divorce

If you're like most divorcing couples, you have to divide not just assets that you've accumulated during the marriage, but debt as well. The most common joint debts are usually a mortgage, auto loans and credit cards.

Who is eligible for permanent alimony?

Florida readers know divorce brings many significant financial changes, and you may have serious concerns regarding how the end of your marriage will impact your life. Depending on the details of your current financial situation and other factors, you could be eligible for certain types of financial support. This could help you navigate a potentially difficult time of transition.

Divorce tips for Florida couples that share a business

Many issues can make a divorce complicated. Children, adultery, finances and domestic violence are just a few contentious divorce issues. The presence of a business can also make ending a marriage complicated and difficult. Some couples in Florida even delay a divorce or choose to remain married "in name only" just to avoid the complexities joint ownership of a business can pose.

Property division: Surviving a high-asset divorce in Florida

Not every couple getting divorced feels burdened by complex property division. However, many couples do have to address these issues. Outside of matters involving children, high-asset property division is one of the most combative areas of divorce. We have seen even the most amicable divorce devolve into an all-out war, simply because the couple could not agree on how to divide the marital property.

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