Why a late-life divorce is not always the tragedy it once was

| Apr 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

At one time, unhappy couples in their golden years endured the marriage for the sake of their adult kids and public opinion. Divorce at any age was seen as a negative in nearly all cases, even when one or both spouses were miserable with the situation. Now, divorce does not carry the stigma of bygone days, but many discontented couples still resist the idea of late-life divorce.

We do not want to encourage a divorce in relationships that have a chance of succeeding, but we also understand the misery that can accompany an unhealthy marriage. Today, older couples have discovered that divorcing can be a positive instead of a negative. Perhaps surprisingly, these couples and others have discovered that a late-life divorce comes with several unexpected benefits.

  • Enjoying the freedom of a fresh start
  • Being able to begin new intimate relationships
  • No longer answering to another person
  • Becoming a more complete individual
  • Taking control of the future

Obviously, we also recognize that divorce at any age is emotionally difficult, especially when one spouse does not desire a relationship break. However, when a spouse looks inside for the courage to accept his or her new status, divorce may not be as tragic as it was in decades past.

At the same time, if divorce does occur during a couple’s golden years, we advise both parties to make sure they negotiate a fair settlement that will provide for their financial needs.

Please take the time to learn more about late-life divorce if you and your spouse are considering this as an option. Our legal blog and our website provide many educational resources for divorcing Florida couples of any age.

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