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April 2018 Archives

Are there benefits to being the first to file for divorce?

It is rarely a joyous occasion when a marriage reaches its end. Because it can be such a difficult decision, many Florida spouses procrastinate before filing for divorce. This is good if there is a chance to save the marriage, but when the relationship is broken beyond repair, procrastination may not serve your best interests.

What you should know about rehabilitative alimony

When a spouse first hears about rehabilitative alimony, it often strikes fear into his or her heart because it sounds so temporary. This is especially so if the spouse has not worked outside of the home for many years and doesn't yet have an income in place. While it is admirable to give up a career in order to support a spouse's business efforts, it can be detrimental should divorce enter the picture.

Managing marital property correctly can help if you ever divorce

When people get married, they almost never think about divorce. This is the way it should be because you are happy and in love with your partner. However, as everyone knows, divorce happens, even in marriages that start out blissfully.

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