There is no shame in accepting alimony from an ex-wife

| Mar 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

Most men want the world to see them as strong protectors who can provide for their family’s needs. In the not so distant past, a typical husband getting divorced would have found it distasteful to accept alimony and would never request it on his own. As we all know, times have changed and so have male and female incomes. More and more men are seeking alimony during divorce, and they are getting it, too.

With that said, some men still feel there is a stigma attached to male spousal support. In our practice, we have noticed that many men of today still refuse to seek alimony and tend to refuse it when offered. We want all men divorcing in Florida to understand that receiving spousal support does not detract from your masculinity or your ability to provide.

If you let yourself recognize that income is one the main criteria for alimony determinations, we think you will come to see that spousal support can help you start a new life after your divorce. Many famous men received alimony without casting a negative shadow over the roles as strong men. Director Guy Ritchie acquired alimony during his divorce from music star Madonna. Film executive, Alex Young also received spousal support when he and actress Kate Walsh divorced.

As family law attorneys who want to see all parties in a divorce receive fair treatment, we hope men in the state will at least seek additional information about spousal support before rejecting the idea outright. Visit our website to learn more, or reach out to our lawyers for more personalized information.

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