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Can I get an annulment and still receive alimony in Florida?

Annulments are a somewhat rare occurrence these days. If family law courts allowed people to annul marriages without discretion, couples experiencing even a minor conflict could simply choose to invalidate the marriage. This does not serve the much-revered concept of family preservation in America.

What many children of divorce want to say to their parents

Divorce is a painful and emotional process even when both spouses know that it is the best decision for the family. In many cases, adults find a way to cope with being a single parent. For children, it can be much more difficult to cope, especially if the parents continue engaging in negative post-divorce behaviors.

Can postnuptial agreements save couples from divorce?

While no one ever enters a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, it happens all too often. Because most people do not anticipate divorce, they fail to plan for such an outcome unless they have signed a prenuptial agreement. Most couples of moderate means pass on getting a prenup.

Will gray divorce completely derail your retirement plans?

Your divorce will certainly bring significant financial changes to your life, and you may have serious concerns about what your financial future will look like. These are reasonable concerns, but there are ways you can protect your plans for your golden years. Divorce will bring change, but it does not necessarily have to bring financial devastation.

The art you create may be at risk during property division

Most couples going through a Florida divorce understand that their marital property will need to be divided between both of them. It is an inescapable part of getting a divorce. You probably expect this process to involve your bank accounts, your home, your vehicles and other assets, but what about the artwork you create?.

There is no shame in accepting alimony from an ex-wife

Most men want the world to see them as strong protectors who can provide for their family's needs. In the not so distant past, a typical husband getting divorced would have found it distasteful to accept alimony and would never request it on his own. As we all know, times have changed and so have male and female incomes. More and more men are seeking alimony during divorce, and they are getting it, too.

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