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Adultery and divorce in Florida

As a nation, we all must face the fact that people cheat on one another in a relationship far too often. If a couple is unmarried, it is often easier to make a clean split when adultery breaks the relationship irreparably. However, when a couple is married, cheating may complicate the relationship as well as the divorce.

When is it important to establish paternity?

As an unmarried father in Florida, you may know that it can sometimes be difficult to protect your role in the life of your child. Many parents who were unmarried at the time of the child's birth find that they are able to work together to provide stability and security for their child through mutual agreement. However, verbal agreements do not always work, and it may be necessary to take specific steps to protect your rights as a father.

This is what divorce judges might tell you if they could

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you were able to have a counseling session with the judge presiding over your divorce? You might be able to find out some tips for achieving the outcome you desire in your case. Unfortunately, this is not possible because your judge is an objective party in all divorces. Speaking so candidly with either spouse would be unethical and wrong.

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