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Situations in which annulment is an option in Florida

Those who are contemplating the end of a marriage understand that divorce is the most common option. Divorce ends the marriage in the eyes of the law, leaving both spouses free to embark on a new chapter of their lives. What many Florida residents may not know is that a marriage annulment may also be an option, although it is much less common than divorce.

A lawyer's perspective on waiving alimony in a prenup

Prenuptial agreements are valuable when it comes to protecting one's personal assets in a marriage. Couples can use this tool to identify and address financial matters that often complicate a divorce if your marriage ends. You can include items in a prenup such as:

Can alimony wage garnishments apply to Social Security?

You know that wages can be garnished to pay alimony. For instance, if your spouse was ordered to pay you $1,500 per month and fails to do so, that money can be taken from his or her paycheck and directed on to you. By working with employers, the government ensures that employees have to pay what they owe under current court orders. The same thing may be used for child support payments.

Changes to the tax plan could mean changes for Florida divorces

Divorce is a complex process, and the decisions that Florida couples make during this time will impact their lives for years to come. There are financial ramifications to the choices you may have to make in your divorce, such as which spouse should keep the family home or how much alimony you may be able to receive.

In what circumstances are mental illnesses an issue in divorce?

A marriage is often a complex relationship. Many issues affect whether a marriage is successful or whether it is destined for divorce court. Some of these issues include financial instability, infidelity and differing religious beliefs. Another issue that may affect the success of marriage is mental illness.

Why choose mediation for property division?

When you are facing the end of your marriage, you likely have concerns about how this step will impact your financial future in Florida. While it will certainly affect your finances, there are ways that you can pursue a settlement that allows you to have stability and security long into the future. One of ways that you can do this is to choose to mediate your divorce rather than opt for traditional divorce litigation. 

Property division: You may not get half of your marital property

During a marriage, people typically accumulate property and various types of assets as a couple. As you might expect, this is known as marital property. Should divorce land on the table, dividing this property can feel like a nightmare.

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