When should you first talk about a prenup?

| Dec 1, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements

You know that you want to use a prenuptial agreement. What you’re not sure about is when you should bring it up.

One thing to remember is that it may be invalid if you introduce it too close to the wedding. Your spouse may claim he or she had no time to think it over or even that the prenup was signed under duress. If the wedding is in an hour, that can count as duress because your spouse may sign frantically just to avoid calling off the wedding at the last second.

That said, many experts claim that the sooner you bring it up, the better. They don’t just mean waiting until two or three months before the marriage. They really mean bringing it up before you’re even engaged.

The reasoning is that, when one person proposes, the other agrees to the marriage or turns it down. A prenup is a huge part of that marriage. Wouldn’t it make sense for the person being asked to know the specifics of the proposal?

Asking early can also help avoid getting too far in a relationship. For instance, one woman said that she went out with a man who told her he refused to marry anyone without a prenup when they were on date No. 3. The relationship wasn’t yet serious. If she had been against a prenup, she could have ended it then and saved a lot of time and energy. As it turned out, she liked the idea and stayed with him. She was happy to know up front.

After deciding to use a prenuptial agreement, be sure you also know what legal steps to take to write and file a prenup that will stand in court.

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