Your wedding day is drawing closer. Your soon-to-be spouse wants to talk about all of the planning for the big day, the honeymoon you’ll take after you get married and the like.

You want to talk about a prenup.

It’s hard to suggest it, in many cases. Yes, the stigma isn’t what it once was. People may be more open to the idea of a prenup than they were 20 years ago.

But you still feel nervous. You don’t want to insult your partner. You don’t want him or her to think you’re regretting the wedding before it happens. You don’t want to suggest that divorce is inevitable.

The key thing is to remember what the wedding is all about. The goal is for you and your partner to settle in to a life together. If you are close enough to do that, aren’t you close enough to have a calm and rational discussion about anything? If something is bugging you or if something’s on your mind, should you be scared to tell this person you’re vowing to stay with forever?

If you can’t talk like that, what does it tell you about the relationship?

When it’s still hard, some experts recommend having the conversation in pieces. Bring it up one day, but don’t work out any details. Another day, talk about a few specifics without drafting the whole thing. Keep coming back for small sessions until you get through it.

A prenup can be helpful. If you want to use one to protect yourself and your assets, be sure you know all of the legal steps you need to take.

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