Why use a social media prenup?

| Aug 28, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements

Social media just keeps playing a larger role in relationships. Not only is it now a way to connect, meet people and start working toward marriage, but it’s often involved in the end of that marriage.

For example, many people are getting social media prenuptial agreements. These can offer incentives for how each partner behaves online and offer payouts when rules are broken.

One attorney said that the numbers are nothing to be taken lightly, noting that some people had put a price tag of $50,000 on embarrassing pictures posted online. That price applies to each specific time it happens, too, so it could get very expensive.

Imagine, for instance, that a couple winds up getting divorced because one spouse posted private, explicit pictures of the other person online. If he or she posted 10 photos, at $50,000 each, that could net the other spouse an extra half a million dollars during the divorce.

If you’re thinking that it sounds far too expensive, consider the impact of social media on a person’s life in today’s world. It could be far more than just embarrassment. People have had their reputations and careers ruined because of pictures that showed up online. This is especially true for those who work in highly public jobs, such as working as a newscaster or an online personality.

Naturally, a social media prenup isn’t needed for everyone. However, the existence of these prenups and social media clauses helps to show you that it’s wise to think outside of the box and consider all of your legal options.

Source: CNBC, “Before walking down the aisle, a social media prenup?,” Cadie Thompson, accessed Aug. 28, 2017

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