Know the points to consider for teen child custody cases

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When children become teenagers, the way that your child custody order is set up might have to change. Teens typically have a more active social life than children. They might be more involved in school and community activities. They are usually more independent as well.

Teenagers can often make decisions on their own. It is important that parents give them safe places that they can make decisions. The time the teen spends with your and your ex is a usually a good place that you can let the teen make decisions.

One thing that you have to consider when you are trying to decide if custody plans need to change for the teen is how the current child custody plan is working for the child. For example, a teen who has a job might not be able to abide by a custody plan that doesn’t mesh with his or her work schedule.

Another thing that you should consider is that your teen might be able to drive between your home and your co-parent’s residence. This would mean that you could do away with having to include transportation details in your custody plan.

Typically, you can let your teen have some say in when he or she goes to spend time with which parent. The teen can take school activities and other personal matters into account when trying to decide on when to go where.

Of course, as the teen’s parent, it is still your job to ensure that your son’s or daughter’s needs are met. Your family law attorney can help you amend your custody agreement with your ex so that it’s in your teen’s best interests.

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