Don’t fall for divorce myths that can negatively impact you

| Aug 17, 2017 | High-asset Divorce

There are many different assumptions that people make about getting a divorce. While some of the assumptions that are made are valid, there are some that are pure myths. Nobody going through a divorce should believe in the myths.

One thing that you shouldn’t fall for is that you can have the property division settlement changed once it is finalized. The only instances in which this can occur is if there is fraud or some asset that is missing from the settlement. You should make sure that you are working toward a property division option that you are comfortable with if you and your ex are going through mediation.

Another thing that you shouldn’t believe is that the mother will get the children. In the past, the mother was the favored parent to get the children. These days, parents are more likely to split custody unless there is a concrete reason why one parent shouldn’t have full access to the children. The child’s best interests are the primary concern in all child custody cases.

Alimony is another area that is often misunderstood. In Florida, alimony isn’t automatic, so don’t fall for the myth that the ex-wife always gets alimony. Instead, alimony is awarded on a case-by-case basis and depends on whether the situation meets specific requirements.

You shouldn’t ever base your divorce on what other people claim happened. Instead, find out how the laws of this state will affect your divorce and use that information to guide you as you make the decisions that you feel are necessary. This helps you to have a personalized divorce that takes your circumstances into account.

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