Could a prenup actually help your marriage?

| Aug 22, 2017 | Uncategorized

You know how a prenuptial agreement could help you. It protects you and your assets in case of a divorce. But could getting one actually help your marriage?

Some experts think that it may.

For example, you’re forced to make compromises when drafting a prenup. You’re also forced to communicate effectively with your spouse. These are skills that can help both during marriage and divorce, so they can help no matter what path your life takes.

A prenup is also a good time to talk about money. It’s one of the leading causes of stress and tension in marriages. A lot of couples don’t talk about it before getting married. Again, it’s also going to play a central role in a divorce, so having these conversations early can help no matter what.

The prenup also helps you plan for the future. You know that the divorce rate remains high. There’s a lot of uncertainty in your married life if you’re not sure how things are going to pan out during a split.

A prenup takes that away. You know much more about what you’ll get, what your spouse will get, and where you’ll both stand after the divorce. That stress and uncertainty are gone. You took care of it in advance.

Have you been thinking about getting a prenup, but are you not sure how much it will help? As you can see, it helps during your marriage and if you decide to end it. If you and your spouse choose to use one, be sure you know exactly what legal rights and protections it offers you.

Source: Time, “3 Good Reasons to Stop Stalling and Get a Prenup,” Tracy Craig, accessed Aug. 22, 2017

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