4 ways the military puts stress on a marriage

| Aug 31, 2017 | Military Divorce

How different the military divorce rate is from the civilian divorce rate isn’t clear due to differences in reporting and tracking. Some talk about military couples divorcing more, while some studies suggest lower divorce rates.

What is clear, though, is that being in the military can put extra stress on a marriage that civilian couples may not have to deal with. Below are four ways this can happen.

1. Isolation

One spouse is at home while the other is deployed. Couples may spend months apart. They can start to feel isolated and they can grow apart. This can lead to resentment.

2. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Soldiers often suffer from PTSD upon returning from combat. This can lead to arguments and it can make the spouse at home feel like he or she doesn’t know the other person after a deployment.

3. Injuries

Marriage changes if the person in the military is injured, especially if the injury is so severe that the other spouse will become a caregiver for the rest of that person’s life.

4. Infidelity

Couples may struggle to be faithful to one another when they are apart for so long. This could be an issue for either the spouse who is deployed or the spouse who remains at home. Either way, this infidelity can often break up the marriage when the two are reunited.

If you and your spouse decide to get divorced for any of these reasons or another one entirely, it’s critical that you make sure you fully understand all of your legal rights. Military divorce can be complex, and you must know where you stand and how to proceed.

Source: University of Florida, “Do Military Couples Divorce More Often?,” Carol Church, accessed Aug. 31, 2017

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