Failing to pay child support makes the children suffer

| Jul 21, 2017 | Child Support

Parents who receive child support count on those payments to get the children the things they need. When the parent who is supposed to pay doesn’t, the children can suffer. The parent who should receive the child support might end up working with authorities to try to get the other parent to pay.

There are several things that can happen when a parent doesn’t pay child support. One of these is that the parent could face penalties that might include not being able to obtain a passport or not being able to use a current passport. In some cases, income tax refunds are captured to pay for the arrears.

It is also possible that the parent with arrears might end up losing his or her driver’s license and any professional licenses he or she holds. Personal property liens are also possible to take care of the arrears.

There are several notices that are sent to the parent who isn’t paying child support. That parent should make sure that he or she reads the notices carefully to determine what he or she is facing. These notices will also include information about what they might be able to do to handle the situation.

One option that parents who can’t pay child support as ordered might do is to seek out a child support modification. This requires that the person’s situation meets specific criteria. Job loss, a demotion or a pay cut might all meet the requirement. Filing for a modification might help to prevent the legal ramifications of child support arrears since these arrangements can make it easier to make the payments.

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