Child support payments are meant to support the children

| Jul 31, 2017 | Child Support

Child support payments can’t be thought of as payments to your child’s other parent. Instead, they are actually payments to your child. The fact that they go through the other parent isn’t important at all as long as they are supporting your child.

We know that there are sometimes contentious situations that come with child custody cases, but you must not let these cloud the fact that your child needs financial support from both parents. Instead of focusing on what your ex did or is doing, focus on what your child needs.

There are some cases when you might need to have child custody orders revisited. There are only a few situations that might lead to you needing to ask about changes to child support. One of these is when you know for a fact that the child support payments aren’t being used appropriately. This situation isn’t as simple as it might seem. Typically, your child has to be missing out on the essentials of life, such as clothing, food or shelter.

Another case that might lead to this happening is when there is something that changes in your life’s circumstances. You might be able to seek a modification if you lose your job or if you get a pay cut. In those cases, you might need to try to reduce child support payments.

Just remember, your ex can file a modification request if he or she finds out that you got a promotion, a raise or are earning more money now. Ultimately, money is just money, but supporting your children is vital. Making sure you pay child support is necessary to do this, as well as ensuring you comply with the law.

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