Child support is something that custodial parents rely on to care for the children. This financial support is usually the result of a child support order. How you get the final child support order can vary according to the case.

Some cases involve going to trial in court. Others involve going through mediation. The third option is coming to an agreement through informal negotiations. In this case, you and your ex will simply work together to determine what support is necessary.

Informal negotiations are preferable for some parents who are able to work together on these matters. Even in these informal negotiations, both parties usually still have their attorneys present. The attorneys can actually handle the negotiations if you and your ex can’t handle dealing directly with each other.

Some people might wonder why they should consider informal negotiations. The answer to this varies from case to case, but usually, this is a faster method of resolution. It gives you and your ex the ability to tailor the order to your specific needs, pay schedules and other factors that matter in your case.

Even when you and your ex agree through an informal proceeding, you will need to make sure that the agreement meets all applicable laws. The court will review the agreement before issuing the final order.

Throughout the child custody and child support proceedings, you should make sure that you are protecting your interests and your child’s interests. One way to do this is to learn about what laws apply to your case and how you might apply them as you go through the process.

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