Understand your child support order to avoid future troubles

| Mar 17, 2017 | Child Support

Child support payments are crucial for many children who have separated parents. These payments are meant to cover the child’s expenses. In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the things that child support might be used for in Florida.

As you go over the child support order for your case, you should make sure that you understand all of the applicable points regarding the order. This includes the amount of the payments, the schedule on which you should make these payments and the duration of the child support. You might also find that you have to ensure you have medical insurance for your child and that you pay certain medical expenses.

Knowing all of these from the get-go can help you to ensure you remain in compliance. We can help you to make sure that you understand all of the applicable points in your child support order.

For the parent who receives the child support, determining what the order says is just as important. You need to know when you can count on the child support payments to come in. You need to know what medical bills you have to cover and how all medical care is handled.

When child support orders aren’t complied with, the child is the one who suffers. If there is a valid reason why the child support order should be changed, we can help you to learn how you can seek a modification.

No matter which side you are on in the child support matter, you should make sure that you are doing what the court orders you to do so that you can avoid future legal troubles.

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