What is a parenting agreement and how is it created?

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When you are working on child custody mediation, there is a chance that you and your ex will be able to come to an agreement about this important matter. If this occurs, the information is put into a parenting agreement. It is crucial for you to understand what should be included in the agreement so that you can get it made to present to the court.

What should be included in the parenting agreement?

The parenting agreement must include information about the custody and visitation schedule. It must also include information about decision making powers, such as who will make choices about the child’s education and health care. It must include provisions about holidays and other special events. You should also include what will happen if there is a disagreement. Be sure that everything you and your ex agree to is covered in the parenting agreement because you won’t be able to enforce the provisions agreed upon if they aren’t included in writing.

What happens once the agreement is made?

Once the agreement is made, it will be put on paper. You and your ex will sign off on it. The agreement is then presented to the court. The court will decide if the agreement is in the child’s best interests. If it is, it will be approved and will become a legally binding document that can be enforced through the court system.

If you are working toward getting a parenting agreement made, you must understand your rights and the responsibilities that you have during the process. This helps to ensure that you are doing what you need to do throughout the process.

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