Your child custody agreement should let your child thrive

| Nov 4, 2016 | Uncategorized

Over the past two blog posts, we have touched on some important points regarding child custody and child support. For the parents who are in the midst of trying to hash out these points, the situation is often very difficult and can be emotionally trying. If you are one of those parents, you should be sure that you understand what legal options and rights you have. We can help you to learn about how Florida law applies to your case.

One interesting thing to note is that it is sometimes possible to get child custody or child support orders modified. This is often necessary as the child gets older or if the financial situation of one of the parents changes. In all of these cases, it is possible to petition the court to make changes to the order. You should be aware of how modification works here if you are planning to do this.

Whether you are in the midst of the initial child custody and support battle or trying to have an existing order modified, we can help you to go through the process. We are here to help you remember to keep your child at the heart of the case so that he or she has the best chance possible of thriving.

We understand that these are very sensitive issues that you need to think about. By understanding all of the possible options and learning what your roles might be, you can evaluate them to determine which options you think are best for your child. From there, we can build our case based on your mode of thinking.

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