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As the Christmas holiday approaches, children with divorced parents are either happy or worried. The children who are happy that the holiday is upon us likely have parents who have worked out a child custody agreement that means the season isn’t going to be full of fights about where the child will be. The ones who are worried might have parents who are battling about when the child will spend time with each parent.

Most parents want their children to have fond memories of the holidays. If you and the other parent aren’t still in a relationship, making the season memorable could take some negotiating. Throughout it all, you must remember that your child is the focus.

There are a few ways that parents can handle custody for the holidays. One of these is to spend the big days together with your child. This isn’t the most popular option, but it is one that might be worth considering if you and your ex still get along.

Another option is to alternate holidays. That means you have the child for Christmas one year and your ex has the child the next year. You can also consider keeping the same holidays from one year to another. For example, if your family always celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve and your ex’s family always celebrates on Christmas Day, you and your ex could agree that you have your child on Christmas Eve and the ex has him or her on Christmas Day.

The child custody agreement might cover who should have the child when. If you have questions about the agreement or need to have something modified, be sure to find out the answers as soon as possible.

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