Children need medical care, and not all of that care is going to be covered by health insurance. Those uninsured medical expenses are something that parents have to think about when they are working through child support issues.

What are uninsured medical expenses?

Any medical expense that isn’t covered by the insurance company is an uninsured medical expense. These include deductibles, co-pays and prescriptions. Any medically necessary treatment or procedure that is done for vision, dental or medical care also falls into this category. Typically, the uninsured medical expenses must be reasonable. If a parent feels the expenses aren’t reasonable, he or she might ask the court to determine if they were or not. If the court finds that the treatments weren’t reasonable, the parent who is responsible for uninsured medical expenses might not have to pay.

How are these expenses covered in child support orders?

The way that these expenses are handled in child support orders depends on your circumstances. In some cases, one parent will be responsible for the full cost of these uninsured medical expenses. In other cases, the parents will split the costs. It is important for you to check the child support order to determine how it is handled for your child.

How are payments for these handled?

In most cases, the parent that takes the child for the medical care would have to pay for the bill. The responsible parent would then have to reimburse the paying parent for the cost. In most cases, there is a time limit set that dictates how long the reimbursing parent has to pay the other parent back.

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