Before you get married, you make a lot of plans. You think about the details of the wedding and you plan the honeymoon. One thing that you can’t overlook is protecting your assets in case you get a divorce down the road. We know that thinking about a divorce before you even get married might not seem productive; however, this is one of those cases in which being uncomfortable for a few minutes can mean that you stave off disaster in the future.

Your prenuptial agreement doesn’t have to be anything that makes it seem like you want a divorce. Your future spouse should understand that starting your marriage out with a financial plan is a good idea. In your prenuptial agreement, you can spell out what is going to happen to certain things like inheritances and investments if you end up getting a divorce. You can also have it cover things like saving during the marriage and other similar points.

That is the good thing about a prenuptial agreement — it is completely customizable. You just have to make sure that you are protected if you are divorced later in life.

That brings up another point. A prenuptial agreement is essential if you are remarrying and have children from a previous marriage — even if those children are adults. Your prenuptial agreement can make sure that your children aren’t left out in the cold if you get a divorce or if you pass away. We can help you draft a prenuptial agreement that is legal, and we can help you learn about the points that could invalidate it so that you can avoid those issues.