What should I know about child support modifications?

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Child support orders are based on a variety of factors, including the paying parent’s income. There are times when the circumstances of one of the parents might change and necessitate the need for a child support modification. If you think that your child support order needs to be changed, you should know some basic points about how child support modifications work in Florida.

How does the child support modification process work?

You have to contact the Florida Child Support Program and ask for a form PO200, which is a Request for Modification form. This form is mailed to you. It must be filled out and mailed back in. You will then receive a financial disclosure form that must be completed and returned. It can take up to 60 days to go through the initial information request process. The information is then reviewed and a determination is made about the suitability of the modification petition. From there, the other parent is informed of the modification petition and it is decided if a hearing is necessary. Without a hearing, the process might take as few as 30 days, but could take longer.

What rights do incarcerated parents have?

Incarceration usually isn’t considered a valid reason to reduce child support payments. It is possible for a person who is incarcerated to seek a modification, but the court wouldn’t actually hear the case until that parent is released. In some cases, the court can opt to alter child support retroactively back to the date on which the petition was filed.

Changes in child support should be taken very seriously. Learning about how your petition might affect your child support order is crucial.

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